Saturday, July 14, 2007

Average Salary of a Software Developer in Cebu

This is a rough average basic salary of a software developer working for software companies in Cebu City Philippines. These do not include bonuses, commissions and other financial incentives.

  • Entry Level: Php16,000.00

  • Junior Software Developer: Php16,000.00 - Php20,000.00

  • Junior Software Developer with 3 years experience: Php20,000.00 - Php28,000.00

  • Senior Software Developer: Php28,000.00 - Php35,000.00

  • Senior Software Developer with 6~8 years of experience: Php35,000.00 - Php50,000.00

  • Software Development Supervisor: Php40,000.00 - Php48,000.00

  • Project Manager: Php35,000.00 - Php45,000.00

  • Managerial Positions: Php50,000.00 - Php90,000.00

Small companies with less than 20 developers usually offer bigger salaries for Junior Software Developers up to Senior Software Developers. Web developers have lesser salaries compared to system and application developers with expertise in Java, C/C++, MFC or Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and Unix scripting languages.

Sources: Lexmark, NEC Telecom Software Philippines, Epson, NCR, Exist.


Shamine said...

omg... phillippines salaries are so low. I'm here in aus and getting paid 52k aud a year! and i don't even have a degree.

Karla said...

wow...good for u shamine...

are u a dev in aus?

vishnuprasath said...

It's useful information
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Philip said...


Are these monthly salaries in Pesos?

jo*ann said...

who did the survey? i think it's not very accurate.

AJ said...

yeah, right this is not accurate but I think the one who did the survey just get the average?? well, comment jud ann lol

AJ said...

not accurate, entry level is too low for NCR..

portia said...

hi is there any current salary range for software engineer 1?