Sunday, July 8, 2007

Software Development Companies in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a home of the finest IT companies engaged in Software Development in the country. It even topped the capital city "Manila" in terms of the talent pool and the varieties of software products produced for local and foreign markets. Most of the companies are engage into outsourcing, on-shore development for foreign clients, RnD office of multi-national companies and some producing products of their own. Over a decade, software companies in Cebu have grown and expanded to accommodate and serve different areas in IT, locally and globally. A big number of these companies are located in AsiaTown IT Park in Apas, Lahug, opposite the Waterfront hotel. To date, these are the common areas software companies have strived with so much success:

  • Telecommunications

  • Security

  • Embedded Systems

  • Network devices and appliances

  • Consumer electronics

  • Banking and Finance

  • Web Services and Web Hosting

  • Advertisement

  • Education and Learning

  • Multimedia

  • Gaming

  • Electronic Gambling

Here is a list of big and known companies in Cebu:

  • NEC Telecom Software Philippines (subsdiary of NEC Corp; engage in network management, network equipments and telecomnication)

  • Lexmark Research and Development (RnD house of Lexmark of USA; engage in printer software development)

  • InfoWeapons Inc (local company engage in development of secure networking appliances)

  • Epson Software Engineering (Phils) (subsidiary of Epson of Japan; engage in printer and consumer electronics development)

  • NCR Cebu Development Center (support office of NCR Atlanta-US; engage in POS development)

  • Timex Philippines (affiliate of TMX Ltd N.V.; engage in software development for watches)

  • Lear Philippines (engage in automotive electronic control systems)

  • Exist (engage in web and Java based software development and opensource)

  • ICOMM International (web and internet software development)

  • Phil-Am Outsourcing (engage in outsourcing services)

In addition, Accenture will be putting up a software development office in Cebu this year.


j2eeDeveloper said...

if you are into hardcore s/w development and you have the brains to back it up:

Azeus Systems Philippines. CMMI level 5 company. just opened their cebu office here (PDI bldg) last year.

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Ansel A.S.E said...

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